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Institutional Repository of Advocate Health - Midwest: Measuring Impact

Purpose and scope of SHARE @ Advocate Health - Midwest, plus benefits and features for individual authors and graduate medical education programs

Author Dashboards

SHARE offers a variety of impact metrics for your scholarship. As an author with works in the repository you will receive a monthly readership report email that will link directly to your Author Dashboard, with download counts and distribution, usage reports and PlumX alternative metrics.

PlumX Metrics

Not all scholarly activity captured in SHARE will accrue download counts. PlumX Metrics integration is another way authors and groups can gain insight into how people are interacting with their research output. PlumX Metrics includes five categories of data:

  Description Examples
Citations How many times works have been cited by other work; can indicate societal impact through Clinical or Policy Citations Scopus citation indexes, patent citations, clinical citations, policy citation
Usage Demonstrates if anyone is reading the work or using it in some capacity clicks, downloads, views, video streams
Captures Someone has saved the work to return to later; can be a leading indicator of future citations bookmarks, favorites, readers
Mentions Highlights news articles or blog posts that mention the work blog posts, comments, reviews, news media
Social media Activity that reference the work; can demonstrate how much attention the research is getting or how well it has been promoted shares, likes, comments

To view the PlumX Snapshot in your own dashboard, click the PlumX icon in the left sidebar.


You can then drill down into specific articles and view the full PlumX record for them to see how others have been engaging with your work.

Additional Options for Measuring Impact

  • ACGME Web-Ads supplementary reports for graduate medical education programs
  • Graduate medical education program scholarship metrics by trainees or faculty. Program directors, associate directors, and coordinators will receive dashboards for their programs monthly. Examples include:
  • Embeddable readership maps by specialty or medical education program, such as this one for COVID-19 works

Contact the Library to learn more about how to leverage these features for your program or department!