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Mobile Apps: Lexicomp

Learn about Advocate Health - Midwest Library resources that offer mobile apps

Red Caution Lexicomp is provided by Advocate Health - Midwest System Clinical Pharmacy Services, and remote access is not available via LibLynx

Lexicomp App Installation and Account Creation

Follow these simple steps to create an account and install the Lexicomp app:

  • While on an Advocate Health - Midwest networked computer, go to Lexicomp.
  • Click Mobile Access Codes on the home page.
  • Select your platform.
  • Select "New or Existing Customer."
    • Use "New customer" to create an account.
    • Use "Existing customer" to only install the mobile app.
  • Copy the Authorization Code that appears (this will be used later in the process).
  • Follow the directions that appear.
  • You can now access Lexicomp remotely.

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