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Lexicomp: Overview

Learn how to use the Lexicomp website and app, and find remote access options for Advocate Aurora Health team members

Lexicomp Overview

Special Features

  • Trissel's IV Compatibility  - Determine drug and solution compatibility.
  • Interactions - Compare drugs to see if there will be any unexpected results when combined.
  • Drug I.D. - Describe the medication to determine what it is.
  • Patient Education - Enter in conditions, prescriptions or procedures to obtain a packet, leaflet or discharge instructions.
  • Calculators - Choose a calculator to help you deduce proper dosage, make predictions or determine scores.
  • Drug Comparisons - Pick up to four drugs at once for a side by side comparison of things like adverse reactions and interactions.
  • Drug Reports - Receive a list of drugs sorted by indications, contraindications, and adverse reactions.
  • Formulary Monograph Service - Read reports on P&T reviews and reviews on new drugs.
  • MSDS - Search for OSHA safety data sheets on particular drugs
  • Toxicology - Select to focus on toxicology issues for drugs including recalls.
  • UpToDate - Access current information on conditions, drugs and procedures.
  • Indexes - View AAH formularies, American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS) Essentials, special alerts and more.
  • Other Clinical Links - Browse through a list of more resources including FDA Recalls and CDC Vaccine Information Statements.
  • Advanced Search - Use the advanced search to search Lexicomp, narrow by monograph or limit by database.