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Lexicomp: Mobile App

Learn how to use the Lexicomp website and app, and find remote access options for Advocate Health - Midwest teammates

Lexicomp App Installation and Account Creation

Follow these simple steps to create an account and install the Lexicomp app:

  • While on an Advocate Health - Midwest networked computer, go to Lexicomp.
    • Please note: the mobile access codes do not show up on phones. You need to get the code using a network computer. 
  • Click Mobile Access Codes on the home page.
  • Select your platform.
  • Select "New or Existing Customer."
    • Use "New customer" to create an account.
    • Use "Existing customer" to only install the mobile app.
  • Copy the Authorization Code that appears (this will be used later in the process).
  • Follow the directions that appear.
  • You can now access Lexicomp remotely.