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Staying Current: Overview

Discover ways to keep up to date with the medical, nursing, and health care literature

Purpose of this Guide

This guide will introduce you to a variety of techniques and resources to help you keep up with the literature in your field.

Information Types and Delivery Options

I am Looking For: Try This:

Ability to scan the contents of premier journals in my field

Browzine, Table of Contents (TOCs)

Journal articles on a specific subject that I am either doing research on or have an ongoing interest in

Subject Search Alert

Significant changes to my field of practice

Practice Changing Updates

Cutting edge research on a particular topic that may not have been published yet


What topics or articles are being read and trending now

TwitterPubMed Trending Articles, Ovid Top Articles

Has a particular article been cited

Google Citation Alerts

Any journal article retractions I should be aware of

Retraction Watch

Current, short, informative audio segments available from a mobile device