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Tutorials: Google Scholar

Videos and handouts on how to use the Advocate Health - Midwest Library website and our other online resources

Get Easier Access to Subscription Articles with Google Scholar

The Find It links in Google Scholar make it easier than ever to connect to full-text, subscription articles. If Advocate Health - Midwest Library doesn’t have subscription access to an article, the Find It buttons make it easy to request a copy of the article through our document delivery service

Set up the Find It Buttons
To see the Find It links in Scholar, either use the customized Google Scholar link below, or view directions on how to set up the AAH Library links in Google Scholar.

How to Use the Find It Buttons
Perform your search in Google Scholar and look for the “FindIt@AAH Library” or “AAH Library Full Text” links. 
Tip: If you don’t see the links, click the >> button under the article snippet. 

If you are searching for a specific article, copy and paste the article title into the Google Scholar search box.
Tip: Put quotes around the title to search it as an exact phrase.  

Find It links in Google Scholar

Clicking the AAH Library links will take you to our library’s portal where you can connect to our subscription resources. From here, you can either (A) view the full text online or (B) request a copy of the article through our document delivery service. 

Full text and request full text buttons