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LibKey Nomad:

The LibKey Nomad browser extension helps Advocate Health - Midwest teammates find full-text journal articles in the Library’s collections with one-click

What is allows users to input a DOI or PMID and connect to the full text of articles available through Advocate Health - Midwest Library.  If the article isn't available, you can request it from the Library by filling out the article/book request form.

Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID

What are DOIs and PMIDs?

DOIs and PMIDs are unique identifiers that are assigned to articles, and they are used to locate articles online.

DOI stands for Document Object Identifier. This is a unique identifier that is assigned to an online journal article, online book or online book chapter. Most publishers assign these to their online content. You can usually find DOIs on the first page of an online article, on a PubMed record, or on the publisher's website. 

PMID is a unique identifier that is used by PubMed. Each article in PubMed gets assigned its own PMID. You can find a PMID underneath the article title and author list in PubMed. 

This image shows where to find a PMID and DOI in PubMed.