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Read by QxMD: Mobile App

Keep up with the latest research in your discipline, browse and read journal articles, seamlessly connect to Advocate Health - Midwest Library subscriptions.

Installing the Read by QxMD App

Follow these simple steps to use the app:

  1. Set up a login at Enter your details and create a password. 
    • Note: If you already have a Medscape account set up, use that to login to Read.
  2. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
  3. Search for "Read by QxMD" and install the free app.
  4. Sign in using the account you created in step 1.
  5. If you haven't already, complete the personlization form and complete your account setup.
  6. Follow the steps below to setup Institutional Access.

Set up Institutional Access

Set up Institutional Access to get seamless access to subscription articles from Advocate Health - Midwest Library.

  1. From the homepage, click on the Account Settings icon at the top-left corner.
  2. On the Account Settings page, select Institutional Access.
  3. Click on the Add button at the top-right (iOS), or the Add (+) icon at the bottom-right (Android).
  4. A list of institutions should appear. Search for Advocate Aurora Health and select it.
  5. Select Your Login Preference. We recommend you choose Automatic Login Using Library Login.*  Enter your Advocate Health - Midwest single-sign-on credentials and tap the check mark at the top-right side of the screen to login.
  6. Save and Log In to confirm that your SSO credentials are entered properly. 

Congratulations! You are all set to access articles through Advocate Health - Midwest Library's journal subscriptions.

* You can also choose the Manual Login. If you choose this, you will be prompted to login to the library with your Advocate Health - Midwest single-sign-on credentials when you attempt to view an article from the Library's subscriptions. 

There is a known issue with the Read app. Learn more below

Institutional Access Steps 1-3

Institutional Access Steps 4-6

Known Issue with the Read App

There is known problem with the Read app that we are working with the vendor to resolve. 

When you first try to view an article, you may see a LibLynx error message. Once you close out of this window, the error message should go away, and you should be able to connect to any of articles the Library subscribes to. If you continue to see the LibLynx error message, please let us know. 

LibLynx Error