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Dynamic Health: Remote Access

Learn how to use the Dynamic website and app, earn CE credit, and find remote access options for Advocate Health - Midwest teammates

Remote Access Options

Dynamic Health is provided by Advocate Health - Midwest Nursing. Remote access is not available via LibLynx.

Remote access options:

  • Register for a personal account. See instructions below.
  • Use the mobile app. Click the mobile app link on the left menu for instructions.
  • Go to Nursing Hub on SharePoint and click EBSCO Dynamic under Quick Links.
  • Use the VPN. See our Remote Access via VPN guide for instructions.

Registering for a Personal Account

Dynamic Health can be utilized remotely by using your Dynamic Health account.  Those who do not have an account can create one.

Steps to create a personal user account:

  1. While on an Advocate Health - Midwest networked computer, go to Dynamic Health
  2. Click on the profile icon, found in the upper right-hand corner of any page. If you get an error stating that you do not have permission to access this page when you go to Dynamic Health, select "Sign in". Once there, click “Register Now.”  
  3. Using the Advocate Health - Midwest email address, fill in the required information on the registration page.
  4. Press the "Register" button. 
  5. The next screen will ask about personal data permissions. Select whether or not you consent.*
  6. You can now use these credentials to remotely log into Dynamic Health.

*While consent is a personal choice, not consenting will stop the registration process.