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Doody's Special Topic Lists

About this Special Topic List

Trust & Distrust in Health Care is a hand curated list of 56 titles provided by Doody’s Special Topic List (Volume 4, Issue 2), a review service. The list, released in January 2024, identifies works which explores topics such as misinformation in health care, health and media literacy, conspiracies, impact of racism, religion, and politics on medicine.

The list below shows all the Trust & Distrust in Health Care titles that available through the Advocate Health - Midwest Library.

Available Titles

Title Year of Publication
Communication and Community Engagement in Disease Outbreaks: Dealing with Rights, Culture, Complexity, and Context 2022
Cultural Issues in Healthcare: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities 2023
Diversity and Inclusion in Quality Patient Care: Your Story/Our Story - A Case-Based Compendium, 2nd Edition 2019
Empathy: Real Stories to Inspire and Enlighten Busy Clinicians 2022
Justice in Health 2022
Seeing Patients: A Surgeon's Story of Race and Medical Bias 2019
The Patient as a Person: An Integrated and Systemic Approach to Patient and Disease 2023
A Population Health Approach to Health Disparities for Nurses: Care of Vulnerable Populations 2023
Antivaccination and Vaccine Hesitancy: A Professional Guide to Foster Trust and Tackle Misinformation 2024
Caring for the Displaced and Uninsured: Clinical Case Studies in Nursing and Healthcare 2023
Integrity of Scientific Research: Fraud, Misconduct and Fake News in the Academic, Medical and Social Environment 2022
Pediatric Collections: Social Determinants of Health - Part 3: Promoting Health Equity 2022
Public Health, Public Trust and American Fragility in a Pandemic Era: The Critical Role of Health Care Professionals 2024
Unequal Cities: Structural Racism and the Death Gap in America's Largest Cities 2021
Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Science That Will Save Us, Revised and Updated Edition 2021
Transforming Racial and Cultural Lines in Health and Social Care: Listening, Loving, and Lifting Spirits When You Can 2021