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Cookie Consent Banners

by Elizabeth Suelzer, MLIS, AHIP on 2023-11-15T11:22:00-06:00 | 0 Comments

Ovid, a publisher who the Library has multiple subscriptions with, such as Ovid MEDLINE and many journals and books, announced that there will be a new cookie consent policy starting on November 16. This consent banner asks users to select their cookie preference, and to either “Accept All Cookies” or “Reject All Cookies.” If users choose to reject cookies, they will lose some functionality of Ovid resources, such as the ability to see their website history.

More and more publisher websites have cookies consent pop-ups on their websites. We recommend that in general, you select “Accept All Cookies” when you are using library resources, like journals, databases, or eBooks. 

Behind the scenes, these cookies also help us track generic and anonymous usage data (NOT personal data) on what journals, articles, ebooks, etc. of our library databases are getting used. 

It is worth repeating that cookies on the publisher websites do NOT collect or share your personal data unless you are logged in to a personal account within the resource.

That said, you may want to be selective about accepting cookies from sites that the library doesn’t link to, or sites that are non-academic or non-scholarly, who may not be as considerate of your privacy or personal information. 

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